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Our story

A hundred and three years ago, H. K. McCann set out to build something. He started with a point of view, a creative department and one client, a start-up, called Standard Oil. They did a good job building that brand. And they built another one called General Motors. And one called Coca-Cola. And Microsoft.

In fact, if you look at the one hundred most lasting brands of the last century, more of them were crafted at McCann than at any other agency.

Why? Because we build to last.

We don’t build fads or gimmicks or trophy shelves. We build brands. We give them meaning, we give them relevance, and we give them a purpose in the world that has value. We give them a long-term vision and a voice worth listening to. We take a truth and we tell it well.

At the heart of every idea is a truth. Not a fact. Not a stat. A human truth, which is timeless and enduring. A truth that gives meaning to a brand and how it connects to its customers. A truth that spawns timely tactics, campaigns, and stories. Forever flexible, always connected.

After all, we live in a disposable society, where products and marketing ideas can come and go with amazing speed.

But in this world of stunts, tactics, projects and buzz words, we believe building lasting brands with a lasting purpose is more important than it’s ever been.

We are McCann.

It's only ever about people

Truth Central is McCann Worldgroup’s global thought leadership unit. We exist to create original research that can help shape and grow our clients’ businesses. We create a blindingly fresh report every three months, dedicating our minds to unearthing unique truths. Each study covers 20+ markets so we can give you a truly global view. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how we can apply our learning to your business.

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